Primove Engineering Pvt. Ltd. can provide the following types of consulting services:

  • Corporate Consultancy
  • Project Planning
  • Project Execution
  • System Upgrades
  • Inter-fuel Conversion
  • Testing Impactions
  • HAZOP, Risk Analysis, Safety Audits
  • Structured Training


Primove Engineering is a pioneer in conducting Auto LPG training for Safety and Operations, through the Primove Engineering Training Institute. We have conducted over 50 training sessions for personnel in varied fields, including pump attendants, station managers, dealers, and oil company officials. We are also associated with IOCL for training activity in the domain of industrial and commercial LPG sale.


Operations and Maintenance

Primove Engineering conducts operations and maintenance in the areas of LPG installations. We are certified to conduct the following preventive maintenance checks:
 Safety Relief valves / Thermal / Hydrostatic Relief valves.
 Earth pits
 Excess Flow Check valves (EFCVs)
 High Level Alarm of Storage vessel
 Remote Operated Valves
 LPG pumps tripping systems
 Emergency Push Button Trips
 Breakaway couplings
 Cathodic protection system

 LPG hoses for bulk LPG unloading
 LPG Hose in Dispenser
 Underground LPG Piping
 Fire Extinguishers- (10 Kg & 75 Kg)
 Calibration of LPG Dispenser

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