Get Involved

How can you be a part of this Clean Energy Movement?

Spread the impact of clean energy around you by joining hands with Primove. There are a few ways in which you can get involved:

    • By Being an AgroGaz®  Franchisee
      Set up an AgroGaz®  plant and deliver impact by producing and selling your own CBG.
    • By Being an AgroGaz®  Industrial Partner
      Use your own agro-waste products to power your factories.
    • By Being a Biomass Supplier
      Set up a biomass supply chain for the AgroGaz®  franchisee network.
    • By Being an AgroGaz®  Consumer
      By being a AgroGaz®  consumer, you help reduce our reliance on foreign imports and fossil fuels that
      harm the environment.

National Relevance

    • Potential of 10% replacement of fossil fuel import in very near future
    • Utilization of biomass from agricultural farms which otherwise is burnt will ensure cleaner environment and contribute to Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan
    • Rural employment generation through biomass aggregation activity
    • Additional source of income to the farmers thus achieving Doubling of Farmers’ Income (DFI)
    • Commitment to the Paris Climate Accord to reduce the greenhouse gas emission by production of energy from bio source instead of fossil fuel
    • Make In India – Indigenously developed AgroGaz® technology