AgroGaz® (2G CBG) Producing Plants

Join the AgroGaz®  network today! Primove Engineering offers services to help you establish a plant to generate AgroGaz® (2G CBG) Producing Plants from agro-residue and waste. With a capital repayment period of three to four years, AgroGaz® (2G CBG) Producing Plants  are a reliable investment in clean and renewable energy, generating continuous revenue for decades to come. We are able to take the following types of agro-residue, and convert them to usable AgroGaz® (2G CBG) for distribution and sale:


List of Biomass
Rice strawTender coconut
Napier GrassEmpty Fruit Bunch (EFB)
Millet strawSal De-Oil Cake (DOC)
Maize strawCastor De-Oil Cake DOC
Wheat StrawPress mud
Soybean trashOrganic Solid Waste
Sugarcane BagasseCorn cob
Sugarcane trashand many more..

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We are constantly improving our methods, processes, and types of substrate that we can convert to AgroGaz®, so dont hesitate to contact us!

AgroGaz® (2G CBG) Retail Outlets

Join our AgroGaz® network! Primove Engineering offers services to help you set up an AgroGaz® (2G CBG) dispensing station or retail facility. 

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