LNG and Liquified Bio Methane (LBM)

India is increasingly becoming a sweet spot for LNG as suppliers and investors are investigating new strategies for penetrating deep into the Indian market and locking investments across gas infrastructure along the value-chain. Government led initiatives such as New Exploration Licensing Policy (NELP), Approval of LNG as a vehicle fuel, BS VI compliance, Amendments in SMPV rules (to support storage and supply chain of LCNG stations), Bidding under PNGRB for CGDs for many geographical areas, etc. are positive enablers in this direction. Committed to provide the best and most economical LNG and LCNG solutions to our customers, Primove has now entered Indian market with two exciting offerings

    • Facilitation for establishing Primove LCNG retail outlet (dispensing station) at any place in India (outside areas covered under the CGD bidding) and
    • Setting up even Mini/Micro Liquefaction (LNG) production units if you have Natural Gas/Biogas/Bio methane of any composition (rich or lean) at any place in India. This is very helpful for Oil and Gas exploration companies having small natural gas fields (isolated/stranded gas fields)

Primove partners with Cryothai Co., Ltd. (www.cryothai.com), a renowned company in the SE Asia specializing in design, consultation, fabrication of equipment for production of heavy hydrocarbon separation and LNG production. Together with our partners, we possess the required expertise in cryogenic systems and various alternate energy fields. Our solutions are Sustainable, Mini/Micro level too, Assuredly economical, ROI maximizing and Tested (SMART). We offer a complete package that includes Front End Engineering Design (FEED), and Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) for projects that involve small LNG plants and the use of LNG/CNG as an alternative to replace Diesel, LPG, Bunker oil and other Fossil fuels. We also offer gas treatment and other alternative solutions to upgrade your existing low heating value biogas to make it suitable for your requirements.

For further details please contact: agrogaz@primove.in